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There are some beautiful locations that you must see!
We have focused on making amazing luxury dream home
on Second Life affordable to users who want more value
and more space and prims.


- For prices as low as 449 L$ per week,
- Spacious environment - 1/4 SIM.
- Change between houses
- Each rental unit has over 200 furnished and unfurnished
- Our houses do not count towards your prim limit.
- Immediate initial invitation to the lands designated group to rez.
- Advanced security controller with community moderation.
- A Place you can call home.


All of our sims have sales hubs on the ground level.
The vendors are located on the wall.

1. Go to the sales location and try a demo Elmore Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmore/89/163/30

2. visit www.balanvi.com for web based listings
1. Security - Advanced Guest-list Management system

2. Shared Media TV with Real over the air AAC+ Stations ( RADIO, TV AND GAMES )

( Personal copy included in this folder - V2 Viewer Required )

3. Massive collection ( 200+ ) of high-end Unfurnished and Furnished Houses Free to use and change on your own

4. Dance Hub to party anywhere in the sim

5. Designer Permissions ( Object entry and Build )

6. Ability to add a partner to share the features above


1. No premium account needed

2. we offer exclusive content included that you can not get elsewhere

3. Friendly, Respectful and Tech Savvy support that loves to help you

4. Balanvi is a major estate with success Sims and proven track record

5. We own all our Sims directly via Linden Lab

6. Transactions, rent and land are guaranteed by Kapacorn

7. We are a real, legal and tax paying business

8. We use the Latest class server hardware

9. Full Privacy - 100% Private

10. Convenient rental system with weekly payments, prepay as many weeks you want, automatic notifications, etc

11. Thousands of Animations

12. We can increase your prim allowance without having you move locations.

13. If you invite your friends we will pay you 50% commission.

14. Breedables and + pets are allowed for residential purposes

Join the Neveryear Community today and start building!

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  • Land Rental
  • Luxury Homes
  • Friendly Community
  • 200+ House Selection
  • Instant Setup

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Family Friendly

Veröffentlicht 4.11.2017 von AnneLight 5 Sterne

Very Friendly community. We really loved the automated invitation system and ability to monitor our prims. It also allows you to add guest who can rez ! amazing

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Amazing Community

Veröffentlicht 4.11.2017 von AmyMapleton 5 Sterne

Me and my husband where very happy here. We met many nice people who also seem to be loving this community. We highly recommend it!

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Balanvi Luxury Management Group
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