[-25% SALE] KEIBI KATANA *Limited Edition* Version 2.1

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°Chosen Blades Blacksmith°
is extremely proud to present this new, unique and intriguing product to the public of second life. Numerous of working hours are put into this Katana. It doesn´t only include a beautiful sheath with custom textures but it also includes custom animations. As soon as unpacked your katana is ready to be used. Sheath and draw on click makes it even more user-friendly.

All Chosen Blades weapons are made for Roleplay purposes support DCS2 and CCS.
Weapons of the Japanese Traditional Series are highly detailed and revised several times to ensure high performance and satisfaction.

Chosen Blades Blacksmith:
Drop Rainier



  • Top prim tsuba credits to Haruko Fukai
  • Highly detailed textures credits to VOID Prefab
  • Extremly realistic animations featuring kick+ 3 regular slices
  • DCS2 damage scripted (Push on/off)
  • Sculpted handle wraps making it even more authentic.

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Badass blade

Veröffentlicht 13.8.2019 von Alichi Janick 5 Sterne

I feel like a total badass wielding this sword. Love the special move (kick). The creator was so nice to adjust the damage for me so I can kill more npc's with it :D

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Great product

Veröffentlicht 12.8.2019 von nikolaus Clip 5 Sterne

I am a huge fan of Chosen Blades, so this review is a bit biased, but I must say that this sword is beyond my expectations. It's simple yet beautiful, works wonderfully and I have received many compliments for it.

thanks guys!

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*CBB* Chosen Blades Blacksmith
*CBB* Chosen Blades Blacksmith
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