* 50 % Off * HEXA.CENTER Multi Purpose Building (MESH+MATERIALS) [Neurolab Inc.] Cyber Sci-fi

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Savings 50 % Off * Real price L$3990

NEUROLAB is proud to present to you the Multi Purpose Building HEXA.CENTER !

Perfect as Shop, Mega store, Mall, Art gallery, Expo area, Club…
Ideal for 16000 sqm. lands or more.!!!

• FULLY TEXTURED IN HIGH QUALITY with new materials and fully total management of the lighting to sublimate all!
• EASY REZZER+ Control System integrated: With the Rezzer+ System you can easily rez, resize, adjust position and change colors lights of this structure!




• Easy Rez/Derez SYSTEM
• Easy and Fast Resizer
• Change Lights Colors system (more 99 choices)
• Reals Dynamic Lights

• 100% Improved physic
• NO LAG! Professional Scripts memory optimization for best performance !

• Permission: Copy – Modify – No Transfer
• Vendor Supports not included


- Size 100% – 1027 Prims : Area 192 x 156 meters (29 952 sqm) – Full sim (256×256 = 65 536 sqm) required
– Size 80% – 795 Prims : Area 144 x 128 meters (18 432 sqm) – Half sim (256×128 = 32 768 sqm) required
– Size 60% – 593 Prims : Area 108 x 94 meters (10 152 sqm) – Quarter sim (128×128 = 16 384 sqm) required

► Purchase includes :

◦ [NeurolaB Inc.] HEXA.CENTER Rezzer (Mod, Copy, no Transfer)
◦ Instructions notecard

► FULL MANUAL AND LATEST Updates ONLINE: http://www.neurolab-inc.com/blog/?p=10187


• NEUROLAB Inc. CYBER HI-TECH Quality Products Since 2006 • SLOCCA - 100% Original Content •

© Design Copyright. No templates or prefabricated Meshes/sculpties used. Violation will result in DMCA takedown notification towards Linden Labs. Any Copy or Imitation will be considered a Copyright Violation in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) unless authorized by ono Zinner himself, and treated accordingly.

► Visit Blog :: www.neurolab-inc.com and our Mainstore (Full SIM NO LAG!) for more..
► Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/neurolab_inc_custom/
► Discord : https://discord.gg/PCCfMNGFyH

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  • The latest in technological advancement as well as fashion and design
  • Professional Mesh in High Quality
  • Ultra realistic baked textures and shadows
  • Team Professional Scripts - ZERO LAG
  • No templates or prefabricated Meshes/sculpties used

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Veröffentlicht 16.2.2021 von 4funeral 5 Sterne

It's just perfect for my new project, thank you very much! Great design and well textured. There is no roof and no stairs to the different floors, but anyway it's looking great.

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Exactly what i expected.

Veröffentlicht 23.11.2017 von Insaneone Lemondrop 5 Sterne

Thou there is no longer a Demo out at their main store of this item i did remember how it looked. This is a beautifully made building nothing about it could even be considered an issue in my eyes. It functions perfectly, the rezzer has more functions that most other rezzers in SL worth every L$ you could spend on it.

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