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↑↑↑↑↑ CLICK "Watch it in action" to see it change shape through the menu

NEW 2019!

➤ This chair is NO COPY. If you purchased this no copy chair and want to upgrade to the copy version (2,400L$), buy it on the marketplace at your convenience, message us afterwards, and we will refund you the 950L$ you paid for the no copy version:


We are proud to announce our new 5 in 1 mesh living room with a FULL BENTO menu.

Entire living room = 1 prim = 1 sofa, 1 chair, coffee table, 3 books, rug, side table, and potted plant.

This listing is for the living room only. All other accessories in the photos not included.

All textures are custom made and baked using the most advanced 3D texture render techniques in the game industry.

There are 60 GENUINE Bento Animations organized perfectly in its own menu. Not just third party generic bento hand poses but actual bento hand movement that goes with the animations.

There are also over 300+ non bento animations inside the "non bento menu".


Not one freebie animation--we have invested over 5,000,000L accumulating furniture animations from the finest animators in second life. No filler animations either; most of my animations are 60 second looped, fluid from beginning to end, & fit our furniture perfectly.

ABOUT PrimPossible™!

Our #1 purpose is to bring the highest quality content to SL. We stand by our products. We're not gonna make something just because it will impress people--by being 1 prim--at the expense of quality.


***********PLEASE READ************

This living room is 1 prim only. When you use the chair, it rezzes a shell which you sit on. The shell is 2 prims but deletes itself when you are not sitting or press the STOP button. This is absolutely necessary because most of SL requires .5-1 prim per seated avatar. (this is caused because most creators are unaware that their objects are causing this bug, which is preventable. We personally developed phPose to overcome this bug and still keep our furniture 1 prim!)

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  • One Prim: love seat chair/tables/rug/books/sofa & shadows = 1 low prim
  • Texture & Sculpt Changer-Menu scripted to remove furniture: Armchair/Books/etc
  • Lowest prim furniture in second life or your money back

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This is wonderful!

Veröffentlicht 13.8.2019 von ClaraToledo 5 Sterne

Do the room too, please.
Thank you Prim Possible!

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Just Awesome!

Veröffentlicht 2.3.2019 von Yoofaloof Pacer 5 Sterne

My house is now a home. With prims to spare...

Thank you PrimPossible!

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