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We're celebrating our 5th anniversary - ALL MOTORCYCLES ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT 999L$!

Hello and thanks for your interest in our bikes! We spent over a year of hard work, over 1000 hours of working, just on the main script and we are still trying to make the engine even better. Lots of SATISFIED customers are the prove, that ACC has become one of the best vehicle builders in SL.

'bout the 'Ghost Rider':

This is one of our first projects, which kept developing during the last year. Now it's one of the most detailed theme bikes in our product range. The tires and the skull are on fire (triggerable via menu), so turn your viewer to midnight, get on the bike and feel like a ghost rider - a must-have for every fan of the movie ;-)

Special features (just this bike has these features):

✠ burning skull/tires (triggerable via menu)
✠ choose between chrome and black rider (see the pics!)

Standard features (all of our low prim bikes have these features):

✠ SelfPAINT: Add your own tank and fender textures
✠ Customizing options: Choose a different gloss, pick tire and rim textures from 12 different tires, 10 textured and 9 sculpted rims in chrome and black styles (makes a total of 38 rims!)
✠ Adjustment options: adjust sit position and turning power; system detects your avatar's size and automaticly chooses a matching animation set
✠ Useful stuff: additional HUD with speed-o-meter, mileage display and clock; free updates; lock/unlock; Alarm to list unauthorized access attempts; gear display; triggerable bling and lights; passenger seat and eject-option for the passenger seat
✠ Extra stuff: Engine on/off lets you rest on the bike in 3 different animations; burnout; rev engine and horn

Technical details:

✠ total prims: 30
✠ top-scripts entry (driving): ~0.135 ms (extreme low lag, some vehicles take up to ~0.5 ms)
✠ top-scripts entry (parked): ~0.090 ms
✠ intuitional, easy to use menue

You can also find us and test ride one of our bikes INWORLD!

Still questions? Contact us for assistance :-)

ACC - Animas Custom Choppers
Lunaaa Alter & Diddi Alter

No need to read the following stuff - just keywords ;-)
rocker hard rock bike bikes biker ride rides chopper choppers moto motorcycle motorcycles metal goth gothic urban grunge sturgis rim rims fender fenders gear gears

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Veröffentlicht 19.7.2010 von Loch Warblood 5 Sterne

this bike is sooooooooooooooooooooooo badass!!!! great job :)

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Veröffentlicht 3.12.2008 von Chuck Clip 5 Sterne

Simply amazing... The attention to detail and ease of use makes this one of my favorite bikes

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