*!* ADAM BOM HUD body - wear to unpack

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BOM Requires a BakeOnMesh viewer.

HUD BOM ADAM is made for the ADAM mesh body.
You can use it to try the Bakes on Mesh (BoM)
It does not use Omega, so you do not need the Omega Relay to use it.
This is not an update to the ADAM body, it's just a tool to let you see what the new BOM feature
This HUD will only work for skins, tattoos and clothing wearables. It will not work for alpha layers. (For alpha, you need use the ADAM HUD.)
I recommend you to use this BOM Hud on a copy of your ADAM mesh body

and please keep cool you can have some texture break on finger and toe because SL UV have not really Toe place to adapt on our mesh feet

How to use:
1- do a copy of your body ^^
2-Remove your alpha Body wearable.
3-wear the Hud BOM ADAM
4-and click on the button BOM skin Layer to activate BOM

5-After you have activated the BOM on the Mesh body the hud BOM ADAM are not needed anymore!
you can detach it and send all skin tattoo or fashion you want.
!!!This is like an applier not a relay!!!

My Hud BOM activate the BakeOnMesh on your ADAM skin layer (so do not use after this activation the Skin applier in the ADAM Hud!
(The skin tones on the ADAM hud do not affect you SL skin baked on Mesh)

if you have send an applier Skin by mistake just activate again the HUD ADAM BOM!

To learn more about Bakes On Mesh visit:




Have fun cordially

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember any review on market place are welcome this is the best way to encourage me to do all time more for you! Thanks.



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Great !

Veröffentlicht 6.10.2019 von YoSung 5 Sterne

Finally I can use my old tats again - and other stuff that works on system bodies only ! Great job !

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thumbs-up !

Veröffentlicht 3.10.2019 von nopulse Xue 5 Sterne

Thank you,
- its working , i can BoM my self out until i pass out.

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