AITUI - Ear System: Gen 4, Heart Plugs Version 4.0

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★Generation 4 ears!★

Hello! We are the inventors of the stretched
ear system in Second Life. We are proud to
introduce to you our 4th installment. Enjoy!

New 4.0 feature:
Use the included HUD to seamlessly toggle
between different plug gauge sizes. This means
you can alter the diameter of the plugs without
the hassle of detaching and reattaching your ears.

●High detailed mesh w/HUD control. Quick Detach
●20 tintable skin textures custom matched to today's hottest skins!
●6 gauge(hole) sizes: 6g, 4g, 0g, half inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch plugs included (change via HUD)
●Switch between plug (solid) and tunnel (hollow) types
●18 tintable tattoo textures on/off (birds, stars, bows, hearts, etc)
●5 tintable pierce groups w/black, silver, gold piercings on/off
●34 plug art textures included
●14 tintable plug textures included
●6 tintable plug base textures:
Silicone, Acrylic, Metal, Striped, Trim, & Barrel
●Left/right can change independently of each other
●Custom editing pose
●Full bright on/off
●Avatar ear eraser included

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Veröffentlicht 12.4.2020 von MorriganMordcam 4 Sterne

I've had my ears for a few years now, and I wear them constantly. The HUD options are unbelievable, there's something for everyone. Can stretch the ears from small to huge plugs, loads of textures and colours.
The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because the HUD is a bit of a nightmare for skin colouring, it takes a lot of time and patients to get a really perfect colour match. But it's worth the effort, a very good product, and I would still recommend it even after all these years!

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Veröffentlicht 1.10.2018 von Deapthroatmy Banana 5 Sterne

If anyone has been around for a long time they would know Aitui was the bomb diggity back in the day (and still are). This hud rocks, the customization is thru the roof. This is a way to stand out in a world where everyone looks the same. If you want to look different, this is the way to do it. Love aitui, die hard fan. Hi5 bro.

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