AMG - PAC-MAN 2.91 [MIDNIGHT] - Boxed Version 2.98.4

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For the discerning collector and ultimate arcade game fan, [AMG] Arcade Exchange proudly offers the best arcade machines in Second Life - with 100% custom mesh, low land impact, animated screens, and even playable in-world with sound.


o 100% Custom Mesh
o Low Land Impact
o Playable In-World
o Interactive Sound
o 32 Frame Animated Screen
o Meticulous Detail
o Transfer Permission
o Coin Door Menu

We custom source all our own materials, and have created these mesh items from the ground up using reference materials and actual real world cabinet plans. We've poured over all the fine details so that you can have the absolute best in-world arcade experience.


For as long as you own any of our arcade machines, we will support them. If the game breaks, we'll gladly trade you a fixed version or a comparable item for the life of the product. You are always entitled to trade-up to the latest revisions, free of charge. Barring situations that cannot be fixed, you're covered.

This is why our arcade machines are Transfer Only - to allow you to send them back for fixes and updates.

When you're lucky to get in touch with the creators elsewhere, we've been supporting our arcade machines since 2012 - Now *that* is customer service.

Note: In order to play these games in-world, you will need to have Flash installed. Instructions on how to do this for SL are included.

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  • 100% Mesh
  • High Quality
  • Playable In-World
  • Coin Door Menu
  • 32 Frame Animation

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best store ever 5/5

Veröffentlicht 11.2.2021 von turky120 5 Sterne

pack-man my fav game ever very great quailty and smooth

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Perfect Design, Great Price!

Veröffentlicht 16.7.2020 von Echoe Shepherd 5 Sterne

Very nice cabinet and maker is very helpful with any questions and inquiries! Great products all around.

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Andromeda Media Group
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