=ASR= Aeon Bento Head Vr1.0

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This bento anime head, Packed in =ASR= Philosophia
It is the same as aeons head.

If you have purchased a =ASR= PhiloSophia
There is no need to purchase this item anew.
This product is only head,

If you need a mesh body, please purchase a PhiloSophia avatar set or use it in conjunction with a mesh body such as maitreya, kemono, Kuroo Body.

You can use the same UV and applier as =ASR= PhiloSophia.

Bones of eye and eyebrows are fixed, but you can adjust the position up and down with HUD.

Simple add neck is bundled.

You can change the Specular & Normal Map with Material HUD.

=ASR= Sophia aeon Head
=ASR= Sophia aeon eyes
=ASR= ADD neck
=ASR= Face light
=ASR= aeon Head HUD
=ASR= Sophia materal HUD
=ASR= Sophia tattoo HUD
=ASR= Aeon Head colorchanger
alpha & shape
Developer kit(Applier )

・Developer file(TextureUVmap&PSbodydummy.blend)



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Nice but...

Veröffentlicht 30.12.2021 von JanosX 4 Sterne

Ok so I tried the head, and it looks really bad, but good thing is in the folder there's the "old version" that actually looks good, much better than the main folder's "new" release.

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Veröffentlicht 24.11.2021 von Gnawful 4 Sterne

super mf adorable. probably don't buy if you don't have a good understanding of texturing as it's basically whatever you make of it. if you know what you're doing, this head is perfect.

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