ASA Animesh System for AVsitter

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########## Try Our Demo ##########

■ This product is COPY & TRANSFER! It's no mod and there's no reason for these scripts to be modifiable. They work perfectly as is.

■ This product does not come with animesh avatars. We sell complete animesh avatars in our store. You can use any animesh avatar you want.

■ This is a new product as of 11/13/2019

■ This script is ideal for rezzing one animesh male and one animesh female. Only one animesh can be rezzed at a time.

■ Rez animesh through menu.

■ Derez animesh through menu.

■ Animesh only rezzes when in use (animesh derezzes when nobody is sitting)

■ Animesh derezes when another avatar sits.


Step 1: Add your animations to the root prim of the animesh.
Step 2: Add the script that goes inside your animesh object(s).
Step 3: Add the script and animesh avatars to your furniture.
Step 4: Rename your animesh to animesh1 and animesh 2 for the animesh that rez in seat 0 or 1.
Step 5: Add these lines to your AVpos notecard to rez one animesh male and one animesh female.

BUTTON DerezAnimesh|77777

BUTTON DerezAnimesh|77777

*Does not work with vehicles

⚫ Terms and Conditions ⚫

Do not resell or give away full perm. Do not give away for free. Do not give away with copy and transfer permissions. Do not give away or share this product as modifiable. You must change the permissions to copy, no modify, no transfer.

Here's a video showing you how to setup a sofa with our animesh and our AVsitter Animesh Plugin:

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I Love It

Veröffentlicht 16.11.2020 von Candy1 Tigerpaw 5 Sterne

Great thing just wish I found it months ago

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excellent easy and brilliant

Veröffentlicht 14.7.2020 von jinxieminx 5 Sterne

ok i was really reluctant to buy this loved the idea but couldn't help think it was gonna be complicated scripts and scripting is summit i've always avolded but OMG i went for it and wow its really easy the instructions were brill i havn't bought the bento animesh avis yet but i have other cheaper versions and tried it out on the female first as she is better looking my male is awful even though its really i guy i want to make but more of one that looks like one of the signature guys giggles ( so if anyone knows how to do that get in touch ) anyway i now have a naked lady that pops out of my bed for a cuddle when i feel lonely

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