Adobe House, Southwestern Home, Small New Mexico style Home in 7 Colors * 16x32 126 Prims Fits a 1024 Parcel *

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Unique Southwest themed home with adjustable color selector. 7 Built in colors plus a test pattern for adjusting or adding your own textures.

Temporary Limited quantity Price

If you chose to rebuild this, please note that the windows alone are 60 Prims on this house, so you can save 40 by using simple windows.

Total Prims: 126
Size: 16 x 32 (Smaller without Base)
Land Size required: 1024 sqM - This is the minimum size to rez the unfurnished home.

Enclosed systems:

DATS Premium Doors: These were set up with the Master Locks enabled. When you lock the front door, the patio door will also lock. To operate the locks - open the door, then say the word portal or the word door in open chat. The user menu will open.

DATS Matrix Texture Changer Modules with simple controller: This home is set up with 7 colors plus a Test Pattern for retexturing. To access the menu click the cactus in the front.


* You can walk up the ladder to the roof.
* Feel free to rip this house apart and build a much bigger one with the parts.
* The 2 door archways have a phantom child script in them. I am enclosing a prim which contains a similar script for your own use.

As with all items from DATS , you can expect a very high level of quality and of course support if you ever have a problem.

Please enjoy this very much!



  • Dats Matrix Texture Changer, Premium DATS Door scripts
  • Sculpted Walls, Sculpted Wood beams, Unfurnished House
  • Sculpted Distressed and ornate walls, Sculpty Windows
  • BBBSALE, 899L


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