Always-On Internet Radio Tuner Sets your Land Music URL Stream Version 7.0

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A collection of Radios and Mesh Jukeboxes for your land! You select an Internet radio station and the radio does the rest.

You get automatic updates from our catalog of 400+ popular Internet Radio stations in 36+ Genres. With the Always-On service you do not have to worry about dead media streams that constantly plague other SL radios. We monitor the music streams and playlists, providing you with working stations each time you click on the menu.

The Always-On Radio is easy to setup, easy to use, and very reliable. Just drag it from your inventory drop it on your land and click. On group owned or rented land you first deed the radio to the group that owns the land.

Need help? No worries! The radio comes with step by step instructions. We also have an online web site with information and answers to frequently asked questions. The web site is available on the radio's menu. Support can also be obtained by sending an Instant message to Etienne Brando.


* Includes 12 months of premium access to select channels from the Always-On catalog.
* Gets the audio streams from an internet radio station playlist and sets the Music URL on your Second Life parcel.
* Easy to use. you just point and click.
* Easy to setup. You just drop it, (deed to group when land is group owned land), and touch.
* Lets you get the artist and song title from your current music stream.
* The Always-On catalog contains hundreds of the most popular Internet Radio Broadcasters.
* Lets you add your favorite mp3 streams or add one of our existing channels to your favorites.
* Supports private homes, group owned land, rental properties, clubs, DJ's, and friends.
* Permits the owner, group members, or anyone in the access list to change the music selection.
* The radio can be locked to the land owner, a group, or anyone in an access list you create.
* A handy OFF button lets you stop the music on your land.
* The radio has a help button that will take you to the web based user's guide.

* Radios acting in managed mode can be controlled remotely by another radio acting in manager mode.
* You can easily control the music that plays on all your parcels from a single location.
* You can change the access level or your favorites on managed radios from a single location.
* We made it easier to manage the users who can operate your radio. An access.list note card is not needed.
* The V7 radio fixes can get the artist and song title from your current music stream.
* We have reverted back to the subscription model with all the features of the V6-AT
* The subscription transfer button allows you to give some of your subscription time to another owner or group.
* We added a number of mesh jukeboxes and mesh radios to the collection.

Our systems constantly monitor the stations in the catalog. When a station goes off-line we remove it from your radio's menu. When new reliable internet radio stations appear, we add them to the catalog. Stations are delivered to your radio, on demand, when you select a music genre.

Always-On includes a subscription based web service. Subscribers have full access to select any of of the channels in our online catalog of Internet Radio Stations. Not to worry, if your subscription expires we revert to 6 popular basic stations. You can always extend or renew your subscription by purchasing this product again or by visiting our in-world store and paying the subscription agent.

You can place radios on all the parcels you own. If you do transfer the radio to another owner your subscription will not also be transferred. The primitives allow you to copy, modify, or transfer. The scripts can be copied or transferred but not modified.

The radio can be transferred to another owner such as a group. It can be copied but not modified. You can move the scripts into another object if you like.

Before using a radio on group owned land, you must deed the radio to the group that owns the land.

Visit us In-world! There we have radios and jukeboxes available for you to try out.

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  • Easy to use tuner that lets you play internet music on your land
  • Supports privately owned and group owned land
  • Chose from 400+ popular internet radio stations in 36+ Genres
  • Lets you add your own list of favorite music channels
  • Supports DJ's and Clubs by locking the tuner to those in an access list

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totally worth it!

Veröffentlicht 19.3.2021 von LilithAbdelnour 5 Sterne

really easy to use an set up and works great! and etienne is a very attentive seller! buy this!

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l the service

Veröffentlicht 11.3.2021 von Sheilasayan 5 Sterne

Works great remote is perfect and service is the best

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