RU - Maori Tribal Hip Tattoo Version 1.0

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So here we have it, a Maori tattoo to go right above the fun place eh? Sometimes you just want an extra little bit of flair when someone's following down the washboard and this gives them something fun to work with.

Uploaded in white so you can recolor to whatever twisted and fun idea you can think up. Even dark colored fur shows the tattoo well as the display images suggest, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a special something.

Thanks for taking an interest in my products.

All clothes and tattoo layers are modify, because sometimes I'm not psychic and you'd like to make changes.

Usually tattoo layers and shirts will be uploaded in white so you can recolor them to a certain extent. Any colors clearly visible like shirts with colored neck or arm-bands can not be recolored entirely without effecting these colored details.

Feel free to make it yours.

Finally, tattoo layers are usually somewhat transparent so you can double-up if you'd like things extra dark. But that's a personal choice and I'll leave it up to you.

For now, enjoy and take care~!

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  • Modifyable
  • Make any color
  • High Quality Shading
  • Cool Factor of +5
  • May Cause Drooling


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Verkauft von: Finn Amore
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