AngelRED - FULL PERM Mesh Sarah Cargo Pants [FULL VERSION] 2

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Larger Images available @

Full Version contains DAE, OBJ, And PSD File Download Links! If you ONLY want the PSD Download please purchase the BASIC VERSION.

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PSD/DAE/OBJ Download Link
5 PremadeTextures
5 Rigged Meshes [L/M/S/XS/XXS]
Normal Maps
Alpha Layers & Alpha Maps

**Download Includes:
- 3 PSD Files
- 5 DAE Files
- 3 OBJ Files [Small Standard Size]
- Normal Maps
- Displacement Maps
- Curvature Maps
- Ambient Occlusion Maps
- Alpha Maps

PSDs Includes Separate Layers and Multiple Options.

***System Requirements:
• Mesh Capable Viewer MUST be used!
• If editing Texture maps or using the PSD Texture map You will need basic knowledge of graphic software.

Copyright © 2011-2016, AngelRED Couture™ All rights reserved.

All Full Perm works are created by Lexi Zelin. (Or Featured Artist) They are copyrighted under AngelRED Couture™ and protected by the 'United States Library of Congress'.


It is the purchasers responsibility to READ and UNDERSTAND this license agreement. If you are unsure about anything in this License, please message Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture Owner) for help before using or distributing.

This is a legal and binding agreement between you and Lexi Zelin (Heather Crawford) of AngelRED Couture. By purchasing this item from SecondLife you are agreeing to the terms of service listed below. Any use of this product other than the listed terms of serivce, without prior permissions, will result in legal actions. First with a DMCA take down notice, then with legal court action.

By purchasing this product you have the right to use it commercially within SecondLife ONLY. Any use or distribution of this product outside of SecondLife without prior permission by Lexi Zelin will result in legal action against you.

You may not distribute this product to other avatars within secondlife as Full Perm. Doing so will result in legal action against you and the receiver of the product.

There are NO refunds on copyable items! Please try a free demo before purchasing!

You may only sell items made from this product as NO TRANSFER.

You must sell products made from this product for no less than 100L on the SecondLife Marketplace. The items created from this product may however be used as you wish in world as long as they are not given away or sold as full perm.

Purchasing this product does not give you the right to distribute any part of this product on ANY other website besides SecondLife Marketplace.

(Extended Usage License are available in the lobby @ our main store. [Off Grid Extended Use License 2500L per grid] [Alternative Avatar Extended Use License 500L per avatar]

If you have any questions or comments please message Lexi Zelin in world.

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