Animare Pose & Animation System (BOXED) Version 2.10

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The price was raised due to higher marketplace fees by LL. If you wish to purchase for 299 L$, then please teleport to the inworld store, LM below on this website.
TRY THE DEMO FREE INWORLD! available at the S-URL at the bottom of this website

*** This HUD will NOT control Bento Joints. If you are not sure what that means, try the demo, for free, inworld. ***


This HUD is for you if you:
- Seek a tool that allows you to refine ready poseballs, so that they better align with your avatar
- Want a tool that allows you to create new poses on the fly, for example for Roleplay or Photo shootings
- are searching for an efficient way to create poses and animations, export these poses and animations made by you with this tool out of SL into a bvh file and then re-import them as independent pose or animation with you as creator, in full permissions.

The HUD comes with an update function. New features will be provided automatically to all customers as soon as they are available. That this feature is not just an empty promise, can be seen by my other creations, from the Mama Allpa line, where already thousands are enjoying a reliable product with regular updates and enhancements.

How does the HUD work?
One can do three things with it:
1. Alter an existing pose when using a poseball
2. Create own poses
3. Create own animations.

For altering an existing pose, just sit on the poseball and wear the HUD, then adjust the joints that you want to see in a different position. (Since i have been asked by animation creators who have already poseballs inworld: no, this HUD will not do any reverse engineering on your creation, this is technically not possible.)

For creating your own pose, follow the instructions on the website that comes with the product. In short it will work like that: you start off with a T-Pose and adjust the joints to a position you want to have. Then you will receive a line as text-output in your chat, which you copy and paste into a bvh file, that file is provided on the product website as well. All steps are described in detail with pictures to each single step.

For creating an animation:
Basically this is the same like a pose. In SL, the animation is done by playing frames, where each frame is one pose. Example: kicking leg: one records one frame with knee bend, one frame with knee stretched. Both frames (lines) are copied into the bvh file. The movement of the leg, from bend knee to stretched knee is then done by the viewer. The bvh-file provides the start- and end positions.
An animation can only play max. 30 seconds (SL limitation), as you can easily see when you watch your own AO, danceball, whatever, then they loop from the start again. If an animation seems to play longer, like in some "scene-animation-balls", then it is a scripted chain of 30-second animations.

Please take note, that the joints will not move in steps of 1 degree, but that the stepsize varies from joint to joint and there from axis to asis, due to SL limitations what scriptload can be given to a sim. So, some joints move in steps of 4, others in steps of 32. Also, "unnatural" moves are disabled.

If you have any questions, before or after the purchase, please IM YT Recreant inworld. I will reply as soon as possible.

June 13 2018
Faster Startup sequence
May 31 2017:
Fixed rotation bug in poseball
Feb 19th 2012: V2.05
fixed a minor script bug

Apr 10th 2011: V2.03
Help button added

Nov 15th 2010: V2.02
- larger buttons
- fixed a shoulder joint
- corrected weblink in the manual


TRY THE DEMO FREE INWORLD! available at the S-URL at the bottom of this website

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  • Alter ANY Poseball you are using inworld
  • Create new poses and animations, your Avatar is the model!
  • Create poses on the fly, while standing or sitting
  • re-import your creations as full perm bvh and sell them with you as creator!
  • life time updates

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Had a it while. Started using it recently, regret not using it sooner.

Veröffentlicht 31.7.2020 von Fayedaze Hijinks 5 Sterne

I got this a while back and I think i may have been intimidated or something at the time, and just put it aside and forgot about it.
Imagine my surprise when I was looking for this exact kinda tool on the marketplace, saw this and it said I already had it. (Of course. I had to go find it in that rat nest of an inventory.)

All I have really have to say how much of a fool I was for not using this the entire time I've had it.
No idea how I could have possibly found it intimidating back then.
Since it's really easy to use with easy to follow instructions.

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You can't take pictures in SL without this!

Veröffentlicht 17.6.2020 von sodasullivan 5 Sterne

A mus t- have for anyone who wants to take pictures in SL. Fix any pose or make your own. Create animations. So simple to use my cat can do it. She is taking pictures right now!
A great product that works perfect, but if you have an issue the creator is super helpful! Stop reading and get it already!

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