<< Application >>T.O.P Glass Application *B.O.A.R.D.*2Extras*

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T.O.P Glass Application * B.O.A.R.D.* 2 Extras *

Copy / Mod / No Transfer

Prims: 20

Price: 289

Top Club Board in a Glass Style
* Mesh / Sculpt Prim *
* New Design W.B. *

>> You get 2 Club Board <<
1 is with Rezer so you can rez it bigger if need
After you should Deleted rezer Script in

* The Board is with *
* Donation Box *
* Application DJ *
* Application Host *
* Application Dancer *
* Put Notecard Applictaion back in the Board
* Join Group
* Landmark Giver *
* Facebook Link Web Side
* Club Page Link Web Side

* Extra Donation Box alone * Mesh / Sculpt
* Extra Join Group Alone * Mesh / Sculpt

* A must for all Clubs *

For more Question ? >> IM <<
Whiteangels Blackheart

If you NEED HELP ?

Thank you for buying in my Store
For more look my SHOP Marketplace
▓▒░░ Rezer Station .░░▒▓
If you want see a CLUB i can Rez for you

In my Inworld Store is all Week a T.O.P. OFFERS
From Tip Jars to DJ Booths / Clubs / etc

I would very much appreciate to know if you submit your review, if you are satisfied with the product.

The Product you have Accidentally deleted?
or they no longer find it?
No Problem
I will send you a Copy any time
As long you can provide Transaction Details of purchase
For redelivery please just send me the Transaction Details and your full SL Name on a Notecard

Send to : Whiteangels Blackheart

They should have a Problem me the Purchase to Confirm
I will Look for you too in my Dashboard ( PAYMENTS )

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Beyond Awesome!

Veröffentlicht 8.4.2017 von RavenWildheart 5 Sterne

This board is so elegant and classy it blows my mind!

And when I wanted some scripts removed, White responded quickly and efficiently! When there was a problem with one of the panels, she fixed it like it was a piece of cake (ofc the problem was my fault entirely, not the product)!

Her customer service is second to none - just like her classy products!

You will always have peace of mind buying from WhiteAngels Blackheart - there's absolutely no need to shop anywhere else for your club needs.

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Club Design W.B. High Quality
Club Design W.B. High Quality
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