Atari 2600 - Multi Game System - Multiplayer - Noflash

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This is is the latest development in Secondlife Gaming!

The Atari 2600 Gaming System.

- Real Atari 2600 Emulation
This is no Flash game or rebuild, these are the Real games including savestates so you can come back later and continue wheer you left of.

- Multiplayer Support via Netplay
Play with oyur friends together or against each other no matter where oyu are in this world!

- Xbox Controller or PC Joypad support
Just connect your Xbox controller or any other PC Joypas and relax back! You can change the keys in the game menu too.

-No Flash required!
This is no flash game but a real multimedia experience.

-Atari 2600 Included (5 Li Impact)
Ahh woodgrain, you need it trust me!

You need to have Javascript enabled in your Secondlife settings (Network & Files / Enable Javascript) and following settings in your preferences at Sound & Media in the Media Tab:
Allow Media to auto-play
Allow inworld scrips to play media.

You will be greeted with a screen where you can click on the Game you like to launch and can go back to the selection with the button on the bottom.


If you have a Joypad (Xbox or others) connected to your PC you can use this for playing the Games. The Game will recognise it automaticly. Make sure you have Analog Sticks as some games might require them. (Pong i recommend playing with keyboard and disconnect the gamepad).

Arrowkeys = Movement
Spaceball= Fire

Detailed Keys can be found in the Game itself pressing the Gear Icon on the left of the screen and go to Help&Setting

On screen Display

The Atari 2600 has different knobs and buttons to press for choosing difficulty or starting a game. Sometimes the Game Reset Switch Starts a Game, sometimes the Fire button. Make sure you are aware of the Game select Knob as many games have different modes and Playfields to choose from.

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  • Real Atari 2600 Emulation
  • Multiplayer Support via Netplay
  • Xbox Controller or PC Joypad support
  • No Flash required!
  • Atari 2600 Included


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