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LL has recently added a throttle on how often scripts can change your group. Users who would like to quickly hop between sims (more than once per minute) will notice that their group tag will not does not update immediately. Please be aware of this new limitation before purchasing this product.
Thank you.

A tiny hud that automatically changes your group tag depending on where you are! No dialog menu or notecards, just touch it to save your current group. The hovertext will display the currently saved group for your current region.

Note: This product requires an RLV compatible viewer (with RLV enabled).

Also, if you want to save the 1 attachment point, you can merge this with another hud. It does not need to be the root prim, and it only changes the hovertext.



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Does the job well. Script is no modify.

Veröffentlicht 12.8.2020 von CharleyMayne 4 Sterne

After chatting with the developer I've raised my rating to 4/5 because this does the job and does it well. The script is no modify so it cannot be customised to your needs, but the developer has offered to make changes free of charge which is nice. You do get what you pay for - but for L$10 this is pretty damn good.

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Totally changed my Second Life

Veröffentlicht 11.7.2020 von AlexisNightlinger 5 Sterne

Thank you! No more trying to remember to change my tag when I'm out and about. This is a must have!

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