Cyclops Head

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bento mesh head attachment for female avatar.



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So cuuute

Veröffentlicht 4.4.2020 von Poppy Banana 5 Sterne

Got it as a gift a few months ago and I loved it from the first second. Altho I used it for a longer period only now and I'm actually thinking about wearing it more often. Really cute and I can create a whole different style and personality, like the ones I'm used to, with this.

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Monoeyes will conquer the world!

Veröffentlicht 13.5.2019 von Ishiko Takeda 5 Sterne

I have been using the Bakemonoya Cyclops head as my primary choice of "face" since January 2014 now and i am pretty much always wearing it, apart from the few times i am wearing a dual eyed Anime-head.

The head got a well deserved Bento-Upgrade, which comes with a lot of nice advantages over the "old" one, like:

- easier specular/normal customization
- many working sliders in Appearance Editor
- More Options for Expressions like automatic Mouth and Eyelid Movement and Pupil Size changes.
- More Options for Customization, like new eyelashes, Tattoo layers
- And lots more

I only had to fiddle a bit with my primary face texture in Gimp, as it was no longer looking that great with the new head, as the textures seem to stretch a bit different around the mouth now, which resulted in a rather bizarre looking, "fake-balloony-stretchy-lips" look in the middle of the mouth. But after five minutes of adjustments, i was ready to use the old texture again.

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