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Ultra realistic lace-up booties in with a 20 cm / 8 inch semi wedge heel and 5cm / 2 inch covered platform. The BAX Booties line features a combination of different textures and colors on each model for a unique and extravagant look.

Chocolate leather lower and heel, animal print trim and brown suede upper part.

The built-in custom resizer menu makes fitting them to your feet a snap. These combine great with plain or patterned hose or worn under long pants. The bows can be hidden with the menu to keep them from sticking out. Only one script per boot to keep your memory usage down - scripts can also be removed. Alpha mask & Invisiprim supported.

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  • Scripted resize, Scripts removeable
  • Full Viewer 2/Alpha Mask support, Viewer 1 invisiprims also supported

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full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 2.1.2013 von RaeBoleyn

OH HOW I LOVE MY BAX BOOTIES!!!! I am so thrilled with my Bax Booties....I found em relatively soon after joining SL and I thank goodness I did cuz I didn't waste a bunch of Lindens on crap I'd never wear....The few other booties/high healed, platform shoes I've purchased never get the wear all my Bax Booties do!!! I know I can just go to my BAX SHOE/BOOTIE FILE and all will be fine no matter if I wanna dress up or down....It's just so amazing!!! They look so perfect on my AVIE and they make anything I'm wearing look BETTER which is saying something. At first I was worried bout the price, but it's fair considering the wear I get from all my Bax Booties....And the Halloween trio with black spiders on em??? Those are a great promo price and I'll tell ya, I bought those so fast, I almost knocked my laptop across the room ponying up the Lindens for em, lol!!! They might be themed, but thankfully I'm a gothy kinda gal on some days, so they look cool with lots of my SL wardrobe, whoot whoot, so I get tons of wear outta em and the compliments!!! You'll spend time having people come running back to you asking: who made those/where can I get me some? lol! I like to wear the latest cool BAX deal too, which is the new hose/leggings (some w/animal prints) which come in long/shorter capri lengths, so you can wear with most anything, from a shortie dress, to pairing em up with a long sweater, etc. My fav thing to do is wear em, now that it's winter and snowing where I live and play in SL, lol, the bax leggings under my tore to hell and back one legged jeans, lol! So I place the animal print hose under the jeans & then place the ripped out butt cheeked, one legged jeans on atop the Bax Leggings and I don't look like a Polar Pop and straight up (let's face it....HO HO HO, lol! with those ding dang dirty x-rated jeans on, lol!) I complete the look with any number of my Bax Booties, lol....and wah lah, I'm ready for more SL fun, lol! Bax makes it easy to look like ME! Yay!

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