Botha Serena House

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85 Prims


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Nice house ... just a couple things, though

Veröffentlicht 1.6.2019 von Kara Topaz 4 Sterne

Like I said, it's a nice house. It's roomy and I love the modern look. The only problems are the 'privacy' aspects.
The doors don't lock, nor can they be set to owner/group/whitelist, nor can you set the time to stay open before autoclosing, or even disable autoclose.
The windows are clear... having a graduated privacy tint for them would have been better and would save on the prims required to fit curtains or blinds.
If the price of L$899 is 50% then the house at its regular price, I suspect L$1798 which is double the 50% price, will be overpriced due to the lack of privacy systems.
Still, if you can spare the extra prims to add curtains or blinds and you don't mind who can just open the door and walk in then this house is the perfect modern single family/person home. I still gave 4 stars, deducting a mere one star for the lack of privacy.

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Veröffentlicht 25.10.2016 von Vanessa Wisent 5 Sterne

i never loved a house the way i love this one, i always want to change but now i found the perfect house

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Verkauft von: Sergio Botha
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