Beach Stage With hq dj booth and lights/laser

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Beach Stage
High Quality Beach Stage Leety's Design
Dj booth with HQ mesh models and dj poseball.
1x DJM 2000 mixer | 2x CDJ 2000 mediaplayers
2x turntable with menu, glow, rotating part
1x twin laser | 4x fading par spot (both with controller in dj booth)
Dj booth itself can change glow colors trough dialog.
2x mesh stage speakers | 4x white spots
Different plants, glowing dancefloor.

Fading Par Spots
On the trussing above the dj booth are 4 PAR 64 spots.
There is a controller in the dj booth. Each of the different spots run on its own channel. The controller has various options and programs for all 4 channels or for all channels at once.
You can also change channel for each spot by touching the little black button at the backside of the spot. (you see the channel in local chat)

There is a laser in the middle above the dj booth. The controller can be found in the dj booth. Trough the controller you can set the color for the laserbeams or you can make the controller autochange color every 10 seconds. There are 8 different effects and a program to run them all at once.

When you touch the disc on the turntables it starts spinning.
When you turn another part of the turntable you get a dialog where you can choose between 3 different vinyls. Also the glowcolors can be set trough this menu.

Dj booth
The glowing parts of the dj booth can change colors.
Just touch it to get the menu.

Size: 29m x 29m
Total prims: 210 prims
Permissions: Copy / modify (no modify on the scripts)

We use the REZ-FREE system to pack our builds. if you rez the beach stage you will see a small box only. Place it about a meter above the ground, in the middle of where you want the stage. Then touch the box and choose 'rez'.
You can keep moving the stage untill it's positioned like you want, once done touch the edit box again an click 'finish'.
This will remove all the rez-free scripts and allow you to remove the edit box.

Questions or comments
Contact MissLeety ingame

Inworld demo availalble

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Leety's Sound & Light
Leety's Sound & Light
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