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Uh?! What's this?. This is a special Double Electric Violin based on the awesome model created by the violinist L.Shankar. When you say: one it's not enough. ;)
It comes with animation (playing and dancing), full violin solo songs and exapandable music.
The animation legs has low priority so you can sit while playing.

.Play! iT Engine (Play your music!)

- What's "Play it" ?
"Play it!" is a new music engine to add music to your instruments, now you may add your own sound loops and full length songs!!!

- How it works?
Full songs are performed using "SL Sounds", playing a list of sounds one each the other in a sequence automatically. Whenever i strongly suggest to use a proper streaming server for your performing, you may get alot of fun having your instrument playing "inworld". Each instrument comes with one or more full length songs preloaded, feel free to add more and more songs to have a infinite music experience!

- For first you have to split your song into a 10 seconds chunks wav files. This is done offline on your PC (not in Second Life). There are plenty softwares (even freeware) that will split a song for you into multiple pieces. I'm currently using "WaveLab" for Windows that is one of the best Audio software available (it is not free) but you may use any other software you like, or even split them manually (it's not the perfect solution indeed).

- Now upload your sound to Second Life (in .wav format) (tip: you may use "bulk upload" for a multiple upload, selecting the files using the shift or control key).

- Move these sounds into the instrument playing device (for a piano it would be the seat, for a guitar the pick, for a violin the arch, for a Gramophone the disc, for a synth and DJ sets the poseball.. and so on), check your instrument notes.

- Create a notecard with the name you wish to have into the instrument sound menu (eg: "SONG 1"), and type into it the name of each sound on separate rows (do not use any blank lines! neither at the end!), eg:


Save and move it into the playing device. You've finished! Now the Song name will appear into the "SOUNDS" menu and you may play it!

NOTICE: the sound file names and the sounds you type into the notecard MUST match exactly (case sensitive!!!). Do not use any blank row into the notecard (the last line will be the last sound of the list). These songs are preloaded (otherwise they won't sounds smoothly) so do not make very long lists otherwise you need to wait minutes for a single preload! You have some notecard already available into the instrument so you may look at them. *** THERE MUST BE NO OTHER NOTECARD TYPES INTO THE INSTRUMENT: each notecard is just used as song list *** DO NOT DELETE THE SCRIPTS OR YOUR INSTRUMENT WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE ***

TIP: you know you may add a song just using the UUID's of the sounds? This method would save space into your playing device and it would be alot faster to edit it. To add a song using the UUID's, create a notecard song as usual but instead of using the sounds name you'll list the sounds UUID's. To read a UUID right click on the sound *FROM YOUR INVENTORY* and select "Copy Asset UUID", now paste the UUID into the notecard using the keys combination: "CTRL+V", do this for each sound that composes the song *on separate rows*. eg:


You *DON'T* need to move the sound into the object inventory now, but just the notecard, but *leave the sounds into your inventory* (you may create a new folder containing them all). You'll have only the notecards now into your playing devices, you may add alot of songs more and the object editing would be a way faster.

Further informations may be found at: http://www.vittoriobeerbaum.com


All our stuff is built by a consistent number of primitives. Since most of them (ie: guitars) are attachments, they won't affect the simulator primitives usage. However if you plan to rez this objects into your land (ie: for an exposition) be sure to have enough free prims available.

Any update to the product you purchased is *FREE*. Please signup to the "Beerbaum Productions" Group to receive the news about new versions.

Comments must be sent to: Vittorio Beerbaum - Please use a notecard, don't use IM's, they would be "capped". If you like you may use an email to: info@vittoriobeerbaum.com


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