BentBox Faun Set Version 1.5

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Current faun set is a female version only and fits,
→SecondLife classic avatar or (system mesh) <Male and Female>
→Maitreya (lara)
→Slink <Male and Female>
→Belleza (Isis and Freya)

Compatibility with other bodies not guaranteed. Please try the Demo before purchasing.

Please also note that all of the mesh sizes and rigging adapted for the listed popular mesh bodies are purely experimental and the result of hours of trial and error, if development tools should become available to me I will adjust them were necessary. Updates are free.

❣ This is a mesh attachment and will require a mesh enabled viewer to see properly, in order to see the advanced materials you will need to have advanced lighting model enabled. Hardware skinning and basic shaders are required for this product, these are basic graphics features and most users in SL will already have them enabled.

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  • All 11 fur textures and 7 ear skin base tones included
  • Animated ears and tail
  • Developers kit with appliers system
  • Control and mood HUDs
  • 100% original no prefab mesh

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As of today, I now own 6 of these bad boys :)

Veröffentlicht 24.2.2017 von Oonora 5 Sterne

I have 6 alts that I use around when RPing as many sims have character limits per avatar - and i'm always a faun/saytr.

I've had these on my main since they first came out, and through the updates and my messing around with the built-in applier, it never ceases to amaze me how often people compliment my look due to these legs.

They're wonderful, fit great and the fur that comes built-in are to die for - those of you with photoshop/drawing skills can easily make your own customized fur for these legs :)

My one and only qualm is the very top of the legs, the little tufts of fur, tend to stick out of a lot of clothing both fitmesh and standard size. I've learned to go around and pick carefully what dresses/skirts I can wear but I wish there was a way to shut that off, like you have with the extra fuzzy fur on the bottom of the legs :)

Aside that small thing, these legs still deserve 5 stars, if not more. I've had many legs over the years from sculptie to mesh, and these beat them out hands-down. I hope, in the future, you jump into the foray of other animals and do paws, claws and others :)

For those wary of this item due to the price, please note that the ears and tail are animated, and the ears come with an attachable set of earrings. Also, with 11 colors to choose from, think about if you were buying a Fatpack versus just one color - this price is damn reasonable with all the fun extras you get and the ability to make your own fur/skin for it :)

Don't hesitate - demo them and fall in love like so many before and after me have <3

To you all at Bentbox - keep up the amazing work! Us hoof-lovers adore you <3

- Nora

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Just wow. <3

Veröffentlicht 21.5.2016 von Rougnashi Godric 5 Sterne

I just bought these legs, but I've been wearing the demo around for days debating whether or not to purchase these right now. See, my avi is technically a jackalope (rabbit), so I'd need paws. Well let me tell you, these guys are the best. I dropped a notecard to the creator about it, and they responded very quickly. They were very polite and very kind. I'll let the future tell whether or not there will be a paws set. ;)

I do really love these legs. The textures and mesh are phenomenal. It's not just a fur texture on a flat surface, but perfect little clumps of fur poking up in places where it should be. The textures are of the same quality. They give the impression that each strand was painted individually; you have to stare pretty darn close before you can start to pick out that it technically isn't, which is only more impressive. Additionally, if for some reason the textures aren't detailed enough for you (or more likely too detailed) the set has an applier system and kit. How cool is that??? A lot of work clearly went into this product as a whole.

As far as price, they are expensive, but as someone operating on a tight budget I'm telling you, they're completely worth it. I'd give this product and this store twenty stars if I could. It's worth every penny for the meshes and base textures alone, and they're incredibly responsive to their customer base's requests and needs. I could keep going about all the features I love here, but I'm sure this review is already a TL;DR so I'll cut myself off here.

In short. If you're looking at this product, buy it. You'll thank me later.

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