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Thank you for your interest in the BentBox Imp Avatar.

Popular release from June round of We <3 RP, now available on marketplace!

→100% original content, rigged mesh avatar, please try the Demo before purchasing.
→Fully animated including facial expressions and tail positions
→Full AO covers running walking, jumping, crouching sitting and flying.
→Includes pants, tunic, and hood clothing with their own appliers!
→Full customization and control HUD, with 7 base skin textures, multiple eye and mouth texture options, fully modifiable for tinting. Capable of accepting third party appliers (kit included for skin developers)
→Existing appliers, mods, clothing and add-ons available on marketplace!
→Fully integrated flight system! Fly separately from the SL flight system, an interactive, fun and immersive flight system which will have you swooping hovering and flapping your wings! Enjoy flying in SL again!

❣ This is a mesh avatar and will require a mesh enabled viewer to see properly. This is a Bento product and will require a viewer capable of using bento bones. In order to see the advanced materials you will need to have advanced lighting model enabled. Hardware skinning and basic shaders are required for this product, these are basic graphics features and most users in SL will already have them enabled.



  • 100% original mesh.
  • Fully bento rigged and weighted
  • Fully integrated flight system
  • Animations, customization, AO all available via HUD
  • Third party applier system included.

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Love it!

Veröffentlicht 7.9.2018 von Panther Maurer 5 Sterne

I did have a standing ao problem as well that was easy to fix by just triggering any other animation like sitting or flying, i have not noticed it happening often just once since ive gotten it. This avatar has so much going on for its low price and the imp is quite cute to me ^_^ im gona have a lot of fun as this creature. Side note: i love the flight system in this, its usable in no flight sims too <3

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Please ~

Veröffentlicht 19.8.2018 von Metric Banana 4 Sterne

This is a really nice avatar, but if you would make more clothes for it, I'd buy them right up D:<!

The AO does this weird thing where i'm stuck in standing animation even after I've started walking sometimes. I have jump or fly to fix it, but overall, it's great to have a working AO that keeps the wings still. :'D

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