[Akaesha] Cold Coffee Giver

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.......Bar Tap (Feature List)
★ 28 Wearable Drinks with Experience, Shot glasses, champagne, wine, beer etc.
- Each drink will continue playing looped drinking bento animation and listens to "/1 cheers" to play cheer animation.
- The attached drink will detach if you wish to change your drink to another type.
★ Integrated bento facial and hand animations for each drink
- All bento animations made by Akaesha Designs
★ Beer bottle has a different bento animation custom for drinking out of a beer bottle
★ Bar Tap can handle unlimited avatars
★ Low prim mesh design fits any bar style
★ TEXTURE CHANGER to match your taste! (Silver & Gold)
★ Options menu to turn HoverText On/Off and Access Controls for Options and Customize menus
★ ACCESS Control - Public, Owner, and Group
~ Allows full flexibility for you to configure who can use this item

★ 24/7 Customer Support

...........How to Get Help

Help is a touch of a button away, customers service agents can be paged in the store.
If no rep is available, please send an IM to AkaeshaCustomerSupport Resident to leave a message.

Akaesha Designs is a reputable and well established brand for animated products in SL.
We back that up with many years of experience and top notch customer support!

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  • Bento drinking animations for drinks, cheers animation
  • bar shots, club, tequila shots, clubbing atmosphere
  • body shots alcohol, vodka, tequila, beer, whiskey, champagne, martini, wine
  • tequila shots,drinks,shot glass,drinking animations, bento animations
  • Texture change for gold and silver metal

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great coffee drink!

Veröffentlicht 30.8.2020 von Yun Niangao 5 Sterne

Attaches to av via prompt. Click and accept. Then enjoy! Very simple! Looks so refreshing. Can use edit tool once coffee is attached to fine tune placement. i love it <3

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Veröffentlicht 6.8.2020 von ChocolateKi55 5 Sterne

it went really well with the rest of things I had :) xx

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