[Black Tulip] Script - BENTO Faces PRO+Anims - AVsitter Plugin

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- Add your Bento faces animations
- Add the script (per avatar)
- Notecard configuration

Your AVsitter 2 engines now support Bento faces.

IMPORTANT: The BASIC script ***IS*** included.

Check related items for a pack with this PRO script WITHOUT animation sets.

If you have any doubt, IM Auryn Beorn prior to purchase.

Always refer to http://www.blacktulip-virtual.com/CustomerArea/customer-service-information.php?doc=terms-of-use-licenses-of-black-tulips-products for the most up-to-date license.

By acquiring this package, you agree to:

- Use the scripts included in the corresponding building aid box in your own productions only AFTER having set its permissions for NEXT OWNER to NO COPY or NO TRANSFER.
- NOT give away any of the scripts contained in this box under any circumstances.

The scripts are EXCLUSIVELY to be used in the items you sell/gift: you are responsible for any misuse.

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Lindens well spent!

Veröffentlicht 2.2.2021 von Ashtoreth Vaniva 5 Sterne

Another wonderful top quality product from this creator, the faces are perfectly made and instructions are well explained in the step by step guide. The customer service is outstanding, very helpful I highly recommend.

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bad animations

Veröffentlicht 14.1.2021 von Fitna Gilderoy 2 Sterne

the system does what it should, but the animations are more or less useless

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Black Tulip
Black Tulip
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