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Well... I liked it at first glance

Veröffentlicht 27.7.2014 von Willow Hillburton 3 Sterne

The arms and chest look great, but I feel the creator abused his photoshopping use in the ad. There is a definite line before the tattoo even reaches the chin that cuts across the neck. Also, 250 for one tattoo layer seems a little steep. I can go to GoK and get 7 different layers for just the same, which is where I usually shop. Shouldn't have strayed.
At the end of the day, if the line wasn't so visible, I might actually wear the tattoo. It's evident the creator is talented, just seems a little rushed and careless when checking smaller details.
If there were to be an update sent out, this review would be a lot different.

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Veröffentlicht 16.11.2013 von Dayn Kass 1 Stern

Along the neck line there is a horrible seam. I mean it doesn't even look like the creator attempted to match it. Don't waste your money on this unless you have low standards.

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