BladenCat MK7 (Free, Fullperm, Opensource) Version GEN 2

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Hi! Zero here with an update from our previous version of BladenCat

Mark 7/MK7 is this next generation of our project, and with that said items from the previous generation may not work, on this body.
This is because we totally redid the rigging and everything.
However because people have already put time in on the last gen, we'll be leaving that on the MP so the effort is not wasted.

We updated and addressed as many concerns and comments people submitted, and awe also broke some stuff.. that may or may not be fixed in the future.

Remember this is a community research avatar so if I can't figure this out then I hope the community will come together and figure it out so we can provide a better free avatar system for all.

This Avatar is Opensource, which means you can take it to other things outside of Second Life
No need to ask, just have fun o(^_^)b
Questions and how they were answered:
1. The Face messes up
A: The scripts in the face seem to fail when you're in a laggy area.. I don't know how to fix that properly.
Scripting is not my forte.

2. The topology is horrible! fix this!
A. We fixed the topology to something more logical, no more circles/wheels!

3.Breasts! We demand breasts!
A: You now have a Breast Version and a flat version.

4. Can we have the raw version of the Cat before you jacked it up?
A: Yes it's now included in the dev kit

6: The alpha hud is too dense, and you make a
simplified version?
A: Yes , we made a standard alpha hud that alphas by Material(face number) and now we included a hud that alpha via linkset.

7: There is hud for the eye texture
A: There is now a hud for the eyes that control each eye as well as add glow.

8: Tail! Where's the tail!
A: The tail has been added,

9: Bento?
A: Errr... I'm not good with bento, I tried.. and failed but included a bento tail, as well as a Blend, animate on attach script, and failed tail for you to experiment with.
UPdate: Getting better with bento, expect a bento version soon..

10: If you're not going to make this bento then I will
A: Go ahead.

11: I'll charge for it..
A: I would prefer it if you didn't but I can't stop you so go ahead.

12: You said something was broken
A: Oh yeah when we updated the head the expression hud kinda sorta broke so ow if you're too close to another cat and you try to change your experession you'll also change the expression of the other cat.
I'm sure there is something you can change in the script to fix this, but I don't know how to script and I didnt want to blow up the whole thing.
So if you know please let me know so i can change it.

On the positive side, the eaf fluff now has it's on face/material slot so you can tint and or remove them if you please.

So that's it for this update.. thank you all for your input, I hope this will help you and your friends enjoy SL a little more and create things from these scripts.

The devkits require Blender and are found inside a notecard.
The non bento was made in Blender 2.72 with Avatar 1.7.1
the Bento Dev kit was done with Blender 2.78 with Avatars 2RC7

So anything other than this I can't say if it will work.

Skin blend now added:!ddFwnRTI!bYCOth1SHcq5JXE1P7_JENt_3GGGPIAOorvABmYnJ7s

(Special shoutout)
There are alot of people who donated, time, effort, skill, resources, and upload costs to this project.

This may seem like just a freebie but it is a combined effort to make SL a little brighter, and for that, I thank everyone involved.
Without you this project, this dream would not be possible.
Thank you.

Annd lastly: Please do not resell these avatars as is.
I worked really hard on these and if it were any normal person they would be on the marketplace for 100's of L
I'm trying to start a movement of free avatars that you can make mods for, make clothes, use for education, and then pass to your friends.
Please don't kill the spirit of this experiment by selling the avatar I don;'t want to be one of those people who sell and restrict but if I keep seeing it, I'll have to do just that or quit making these all together.
I mean after all It takes alot of time and money to upload all of this, to test this, and I make none of it back, like seriously
PLease understand, and be kind, that's all I'm asking.



  • Full perm body
  • Full perm hudsFull perm dev k

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This is really cute

Veröffentlicht 10.11.2018 von Derf Fairport 4 Sterne

Only reason I haven't given it 5* is because none of the alpha huds do not work for me, I cannot make any part of the body disappear by clicking on them!? so clothing isn't wearable with the avatar. Thanks

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Perfect , great work from this creator

Veröffentlicht 2.11.2018 von lisavm 5 Sterne

thanks :)

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The Mighty Ginkgo/ ::Milky Bunny::/ *Rule Of Rose*
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