Camo drivable skybox fishing boat.

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Are you tired of the water in your skybox being just for decoration? Here's a way you can utilize more space! You now can have a boat to ride around in your own skybox water. :)
****KEEP IN MIND**** You need basic building skills to be able to use this boat. More about that below.
*** what it does***
This boat is actually designed to ride along the ground, but with a tiny bit of building work on your part, you can have a boat that rides on the water in your skybox by placing a simple prim platform under phantom water and linking it to a marker, then you make the platform transparent. It takes very little building experience, but I've enclosed 12 picture instructions in the folder about these steps to help if you don't know how.
ALSO... if you're building your own water in your skybox, you can always make it easier by making a block of water and having the boat ride on top of it. Therefore, you wouldn't need any markers or phantom water on top. I'm assuming most people rent skyboxes with water already there so that's where the picture instructions come in.
-----This boat isn't scripted to ride in second life water, it's only for a skybox environment----(although, you could probably put a platform under second life water on your land if you wanted. I haven't tried it though.)
1.The boat comes with 5 speeds with the arrow buttons being the main controls.

2.The back arrow makes it go back wards. The left and right arrows makes it go left and right. The forward arrow makes it go forward

3. Pressing the shift button with left or right arrows makes you shift gears.

4. When you rez the boat out it will hover above the ground until you sit on it and start the engine from the menu, then it'll drop to the ground and you can start driving.

5. It comes with 2 versions: Rocking and non-rocking. The rocking version makes the boat rock back and forth as if it were on small waves in water, and it also has subtle water sounds with it. This happens after the engine is shut off. The non-rocking version has none of these.

6. The boat menu also has adjustable options that are mostly self explanatory. If you don't like your own tweaks, just delete the one in world that you were altering, and rez a fresh one from the folder.
This boat is so fun in a skybox! Get one of your own and see for yourself :)



  • 5 speeds.
  • One of a kind vehicle built for skyboxes.
  • Comes in 3 other colors listed in the store.
  • Requires basic building skills.

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Veröffentlicht 7.3.2018 von Xandria Winterwolf 5 Sterne

This is the only boat I could find that works really well in a skybox. It drives well...not too fast...not too slow. It's easy to use and has lots of options. I would love other versions of this boat...maybe like a sailboat or something. Fantastic Product!

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