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*************PLEASE READ************

Due to some weighting issues with this mesh, I will be giving it out for free. It will not work with all animations and body types. As it's my first mesh, this is totally my fault and I apologize if you have issues with the weighting. Please enjoy.


This mesh is fitted to the SLAV avatar provided by linden labs. They come in XS, Small, Medium and Large sizes. That said, if they don't fit your avatar, you're probably wearing a shape that has been modified drastically from the default shape.

If that's the case, I'm sorry but I can't make a mesh that works for every shape.


If you're having issues with the Alpha layer, I have provided the Alpha texture that works for my personal avatar. I understand that it may not work for various sizes and shapes, so in that case, please use the alpha layer I have provided and adjust it to your liking.

A notecard is included with vague details on how to create your own alpha layer.


This product comes in a "box" accessory of bunny ears. Simply wear the bunny ears and the items will be delivered directly to you— there's no need to go to a sandbox. If you like the bunny ears and would like a modifiable, free version, please visit my in-world store where the freebie is provided.


I use a basic hud script, provided by TD Templates. I have had some issues with the hud in the past, but everything seems to be working in this moment. If you find any issues with your hud, please contact me.


The mesh has been tested on an alternative account, but due to cache and other issues, it's not always accurate and it's possible that you may experience an issue with the product. If you do, please IM me or send a notecard to BonitaBunny in-world. I'll try my best to assist you.


Thank you for your time

- Wendy ♥

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  • 4 different sized Mesh
  • Modify, copy, transfer Alpha texture
  • Color changing HUD
  • Information Notecard

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Veröffentlicht 8.8.2016 von sonani 5 Sterne

very cool and the colors too thank you so much for the gift

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Just 1 problem

Veröffentlicht 9.4.2016 von Lyn Lamede 3 Sterne

The difference between M amd L is huge. My avi is quite slim but the M is too small. The L is way too big. Bonita you did a great job otherwise. The hud is great, I love the colour change and the choices of colours. I do really like the style of skirt and would wear it to death if it fitted. Could you maybe go back and sort out the size issue that so many of us are having? Then I'd be more than happy to come and buy it .

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