Botha Deck Set

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Deck Modules

Create decks, walkways, bridges, paths, terraces, balconies, platforms, simply by joining modules as needed.

This pack includes a bridge ( 28 Li ), a sunshade ( 4 Li ), a 16x10m Deck (13 Li) and 6 Modules :

- 1SideA ( 3 Li )

- 1SideB ( 3 Li )

- 2Sides ( 3 Li )

- CornerA ( 4 Li )

- CornerB ( 4 Li )

- Open ( 3 Li )

*Land Impact for a 10x10m module, will change with different sizes .



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Veröffentlicht 5.12.2015 von Beebo Brink 3 Sterne

I couldn't find this Deck Set displayed anywhere in the store, but I was impressed with the general quality of the prefab builds, so I took a chance. Unfortunately, the actual product doesn't match the impression given by the Marketplace product photo. The wood plank texture is quite light and bland, and the "railing" along the sides of each deck piece is completely flat, lacking any dimension at all. The set was labeled "partial mesh" which should have been a warning flag to me.

Overall, this has the look and feel of a nicely done old-style prim object, but is not the quality I expect from contemporary SL mesh. Even the LI savings are minimal since prims set to "convex hull" could probably match the same numbers.

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Great deisgn!

Veröffentlicht 8.7.2014 von Miro Collas 5 Sterne

I purchased 2 builds in world as well! Very nice modern designers, and very well made, at an excellent price!

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Verkauft von: Sergio Botha
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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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