Botha Yasmin House

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Botha Yasmin House


42 Prims

512 sq.m. minimum land required

. Central Control

. Tinted Windows

. Fireplace

. Lockable Doors

. Access List

. Dimmer Lights

. Random Channels

Objects are Mod, scripts are NoMod.



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Less is more

Veröffentlicht 18.12.2018 von Hunter Whelan 5 Sterne

Happy I demoed this product.
This house is a piece of art. When I demoed it I was immediately attracted to its style. I'm not really into boxy looking builds but this one captured my attention. It's beautiful: textures of walls and floors, and its details, e.g. a vocal central control. The glass makes the house feel open and spacious.
It appears small on the outside but it's roomy inside. I appreciate the minimalism. This build helped us use less objects for interior design.
This build is perfect for a 4096 sqm parcel because it gave us room to be creative with the outdoor planning/design.
Based on inspection of product, the build appears to be a 2012 but that made it more special. This build is totally present day. Back then SL was not as advanced as it is now. Additionally, I like how this house is personalized for you - knows your parcel name, the area size, and the control system is responsive.
The price of this house is reasonable for what you get.

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I am deeply in love with this house!! ^_^

Veröffentlicht 13.6.2016 von Tea Memo 5 Sterne

Before I bought this beauty, I bought the demo fo 0L, and without any doubt I immediately know this is MY HOME. The textures are so exquisite, elegant and realistic. Also is nice how you can set the doors, windows, fireplace, etc from the entrance or the second floor. I own a land of 3200m2 and fits perfectly giving me the change of arrange an amazing and large surrounding area with plants palm trees and lot of things. This house is ideal for people who adore to enjoy amazing views from the inside, specially beaches. Completely worth the money!

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Verkauft von: Sergio Botha
Land erforderlich

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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