Child skin and shape - Boy kid Sebastian, Deluxe Body Factory

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- Skin designed for young boys (copy)
- Child shape (modifiable, copy). Foot size 0, hand size 10.
- Eyebrow shaper (modifiable, copy)

Tattoo layers (copy):
- Eyebrows, 6 options
- Freckles for face and/or chest
- Band aid for nose
- Skinned knee
- Skinned knee with one band aid
- Skinned knee with two band aid (crossed)

- Windlight settings used for the advert photo
- Styling card

You are encouraged to try a demo for best experience of this skin and shape combo for boys, see the link to your right or visit Deluxe Body Factory's main store in-world Second Life.

Remember to check out the related items below for more products from Deluxe Body Factory and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions :)

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  • Modifiable shape
  • Freckles, brows, skinned knee, band-aid on tattoo layer
  • Modifiable eyebrow shaper
  • PG skin for young boys, children, kids and teenagers
  • Fat-pack with huge discount, free demo available

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Veröffentlicht 8.11.2013 von Pixie Kobichenko 5 Sterne

Not sure what the other poster is talking about- if they looked at the sliders they'd have seen the sliders on zero. This shape has NO breasts- if they wanted, they could have widened the tummy to reduce the proportion of the rib cage...

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Not happy.

Veröffentlicht 20.7.2013 von Cadence Ravenhurst 2 Sterne

The avatar did not look like the one in the picture. And had disturbingly large breasts. I ended up using this skin, but had to buy another shape--a freebie actually that worked out much better.

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Deluxe Body Factory skins - Lutricias Luxuries interior design
Deluxe Body Factory skins - Lutricias Luxuries interior design
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  • 3.75 Sterne Rezensionen (4)

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