[Cinnamon Cocaine] Self Love Aura (add & touch)

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Want to make your in-game character stand out from everyone else?
Take your avatar to the next level by customizing your aura today with a new and refreshing appearance.
With my special, Self Love Aura particles pack, you are on your way to going from a basic Second Life avatar to unique and elite. Create your custom aura now and sprinkle some hearts on! Gift to friends or family you love!

❤ 14 piece particle set.
Add as many as you like to create your own aura.

❤ Hearts. Various colors - light pink, hot pink, black, and white.
Full body auras and crowns.
❤ Various speeds and sizes.

❤ Turn aura on and off using functions /auraon or /auraoff in local chat.

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns feel free to contact me at CinnamonCocaine Resident.

❤Follow for new releases on Flickr


Vid 2 - https://gyazo.com/cb0677ce1f0a42bb9645a72692b0746d

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I love it

Veröffentlicht 30.7.2019 von DhamarStand 5 Sterne

OMG this aura is so beautiful,It even makes me look sexy :p

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Awesome !

Veröffentlicht 30.7.2019 von AolaniElikapeka 5 Sterne

Really like them, gifted some to close friends, thank you Cinn' :-)

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