Cloud 9 - Submersiva Skybox Version 32x16x30 meter diameter

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The Submersiva Skybox has a 32x16x30 meter footprint that makes it the perfect fit for smaller parcels. This two story skybox features a variety of underwater plant life, fish and animals, a floating gazebo with multiple posed pillows on the bottom level where you'll feel as though you've landed in the most serene underwater paradise. The top level features a beautiful tropical beach with a campfire, cuddle rug and tons more! The window on the lower level is scripted for privacy with owner/group/everyone access options. Perfect for mermaids and sea lovers alike!

To setup your pod, position the rezzing box where you wish to rezz your sphere. You will need a 32x16 diameter space so place your rezzer in the center and touch it to rezz. It will do the rest for you. I have enclosed two versions of the pod. One has phantom walls on the first level so that you can fly in and out of it but the other has non-phantom walls for better privacy. If you choose to use the skybox with the non-phantom walls, you may want to fly over the top of the rezzer box before you rezz the build and be sure to take a landmark of where you want to land once you have everything positioned correctly. The skybox is not intended to be rezzed on land, therefore, I saw no need to put doors into the unit. For this reason, I have given you the options mentioned above.

To view a demo of this build, please visit our Rezzing Station in-world.


If you have any questions about an item you've purchased, plan to purchase or would like to see a demo of a build, feel free to IM Bonny Greenwood or send a notecard with your request. I'll do everything possible to respond in a timely fashion.

We sell our line of products in a variety of locations, however, to see our full inventory, visit us at our main store. See my classifieds for store locations and info.

-Bonny Greenwood

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  • Floating and ground level gazebos with multi-posed seating.
  • Underwater animals and plant life.
  • Beautiful surrounding background of coral reefs.
  • Ambient sound scheme by Acoustic Alchemy.
  • Breathtaking special effects and design!


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