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[ hoorenbeek ] New Generation Outfit - Arley

Specially designed for:
Signature Gianni
Signature Geralt
Belleza Jake
SLink Physique
Classic Avatar

Features & Highlights:
100% High Quality Mesh Model
Compatible with the Best Mesh Bodies on the Grid
Autohide feature for Belleza, Signature & SLink
Perfectly rigged for a realist look
Highly detailed textures
The easiest way to get a complete new look

Complete outfits are one of our trademarks.
And this is mainly because of these three features:
Excellent quality: All of our outfits include our best products and a special care of every little detail, including many accessories.
Price point: They are really affordable and every outfit includes a lot of options to mix & match with other outfits, giving you the chance to create many different looks
Easy of use: The contents in the new bag HUD will allow you to look exactly like in the image with no complications. Wear the HUD choose the body version and add it. The easiest way to get your perfect look.

All these features came up from a simple concept:
“Save L$, Stay Cool”
And it worked.
Many residents knew about our brand because of these outfits, many bloggers helped us to put together some of the best ones we have and our Outfit Contest gave residents the chance to create and sell their own looks at our store.
Enjoy our whole collection of outfits and discover this new one:

[ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit Arley:
An outfit so good that if feels just right.

All the included products are made with the finest low polys you can find, carefully rigged and with realistic handcrafted textures. because in the end, it`s all about those little details, and this outfit have many of them.
All in this outfit will give you the realistic style you are looking for, so treat yourself with this complete outfit and get your new look.

Enjoy our dedication and care for detail with this excellent outfit and wear it in style.
Experience [ hoorenbeek ] yourself.

.:: This outfit includes:
Wayfarer glasses
Vest with shirt & tie
Plaid suit jacket
Leather belt
Slim fit jeans
Chelsea boots

Mesh body, hair, head and shape are NOT included
Always remember to make a backup copy of your product before modifying it.
Glasses are not rigged.

.:: Gift Options:
To buy this product as gift, click the "Ad To Cart As Gift" orange button on the right side of the screen.

We don`t use free templates, generic Mesh or prefab sculpts. All of our products are made with the finest sculpts and low polys you can find, carefully rigged and with realistic handcrafted textures.

Get More. Get [ hoorenbeek ]

Our love for quality and detail, made [ hoorenbeek ] one of the most recognized brands in SL.
See it for yourself and find more products our SL Marketplace Store by clicking the "Visit The Store" link on the upper right of this page or copy the following URL:

Also, visit our In-World store to discover and enjoy featured products, on sale products, and more awesome stuff you won`t find on the Marketplace:

[ hoorenbeek ] Complete your Second Life

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  • Specially designed for: Signature Gianni & Geralt, Belleza Jake
  • Slink Physique & Classic Avatar
  • Autohide feature for Belleza, Signature & SLink
  • Perfectly rigged for a realist look
  • The easiest way to get a complete new look


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