~Chimeric Fashions~ Cracked Skull Mask (White)

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Mesh skull mask, created as a replacement for my old sculpty skull mask. Great look for Death, Vampires, etc... At its current size, the land impact is about 3.

This mask will look equally good as a part of your next costume, or as a wall decoration. To use it, just right click and select "wear" or "add". You may need to modify/resized/reposition it to more closely fit your features.

For more masks and costumes, drop by Chimeric Fashions! We carry masks for Venetian Carnival, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Masquerade Balls, and Costumed Fantasy Events. If you like a mask, find a problem, or have a suggestion on how something could be improved, please feel free to leave a review or send me a message :)

-Punkerella Summers
~Chimeric Arts & Fashions~

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  • 100% Mesh & hand made LODs (looks good from far away)
  • No "Blended" transparency (won't glitch behind things)
  • Unisex & Modifiable (to fit unusual faces)
  • Hand painted (I drew it, its not a photo)
  • Low Lag for Events (reasonable prim count & texture size)


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Chimeric Fashions
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