[S2S] Customizable Brass Plaque

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This brass plaque lends an air of aristocracy to your club, business, or home. The easy-to-customize text can display three lines of up to 16 characters each. All characters on a standard North American keyboard are supported, and two special characters have been included (a star and a heart).

Changing the text is as simple as clicking on the plaque and typing your message into a text box.

As well, five font faces are built in, and can be selected from a simple menu system. Simply choose the font you wish, your plaque will automatically update your text without you having to re-enter it.

The plaque is modifiable, allowing you to scale it up or down to suit your needs (it can scale down small enough to serve as a door plaque,for example). It is also copyable, so you can have as many on display as you like.



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Nicely done

Veröffentlicht 5.6.2021 von Tex Evans 4 Sterne

The plaque works perfectly for what I needed it for. Only a minor issue about the LOD, but since this is mostly to be read at closer distances, not a major issue.

One suggestion on improving it further, is to have the text stay persistent if it is taken into inventory and re-rezzed later. Currently it resets each time it is placed out.

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good :)

Veröffentlicht 15.10.2019 von Methi1975 5 Sterne

I think the door sign is great, the selection is good, it could be a bit thicker font and a little more LOD would be beneficial, but it doesn't bother me, because you can only read the door sign in the RL when you are standing in front of the door, unless you have eagle eyes ;-)

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