D1-MTG Integrated Ballistic Vest- Multicamil Version 1.2

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------------------------------------------------------ D1&MTG ----------------------------------------------------------------

Delta One & Modern Tactical Gear is a RL and SL based incorporation founded by Leander Hirons and Kamil Noel, with the sole purpose of bringing to this metaverse the last in weapons and tactical gear used by the military forces around the world.

Our premise is that on each release you will own a detailed piece of equipment or guns with excellent texturing and build on pair with the real life counterpart.

---------------------------------------------------------- Integrated Ballistic Vest---------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank you for your interest in our product. This notecard contains info pertaining the IBV vest: Features and Instructions, Credits and contact info.

Background: There is vast choice of integrated vests on the market. As it's name says, it contains several functions, integrated into one piece of equipment. In this case, Protection (SAPI/ESAPI compatibility) is connected with functionality of Load Carrying Vests. Integrated vests were designed to prevent soldiers/operators from wearing additional equipment, worn on protective vests. MOLLE/PALS system allows the user to attach pouches/bags on special tapes.

1.- Features.
In the box of the product, we have added 3 different variants of the vest (AK47 pouches, AR pouches and plain vest), which most likely will fit most popular weapons. The perms are set as mod/copy/no trans perms.

##### ## 2.- Instructions. #########

a) Unpack your product from the box by rezzing it on the ground, once it has appeared, click it to obtain the items in it. They should now be in your inventory in D1-MTG <product name> folder.

b) (we recommend the use of a pose stand for this part) Right click the desired vest variant and select wear from the menu. It will attach the vest to your chest.

c) The vest, being a sculpty, will most likely have to load a bit for it to show, "spheres" will appear all over the place where the plate carrier should be, this is normal with sculpties; after a moment or so they will load correctly, finally showing the vest's true form, ( the "sphere" phase will mostly happen on areas in which the bandwith is low or there is a lot of connection lag; Prims had the very same problem, with them not showing correctly in most of this areas as well).

d) To resize the vest, simply use the edit tools provided by SL client.

3.- Credits and Contact information.

Model and textures: Kamil Noel
Support: Vonhellthing Martinek, Zema Zhora

If you have any questions regarding to the vest, Missdelivery or other questions, please contact Kamil Noel, Zema Zhora or Vonhellthing Martinek, or make use of our costumer support group. ( You will receive an invite at the moment of opening your product or you can join manually by searching for it and joining it without any fee at all: Delta One & MTG Customers

Click HERE to see all of D1 & MTG items!!!

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Veröffentlicht 18.2.2011 von Pravus Morlim 5 Sterne

Fantastic item prompt and great support if needed

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