*** DCL Fashion_YST Runway

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DCL Fashion_YST Runway
Mesh Building

Sky Palace for fashion shows
Ideal also for two adjacent regions,
in the product box you can find three rezboxes
one for a single region rez and two to subdivide the building on two different regions

Areas: Runway, Backstage, Audience area, Dancefloor, Vip Area, Two dj booths, Host place.

- Areas in the two regions version:

Rezbox A: Runway, Backstage, Vip Area (small audience area), Dj booth, Host place.
Rezbox B: Large Audience area, Dancefloor with Dj booth

DCL Fashion_YST Runway - A realistic and elegant building produced by Digital Cult Lifestyle the group that invented
the Italian minimalist style in second life.

With the the rezbox you can easily rez and position this structure and use it just like disco, Club, Shopping area, Events area

Permission: Copy - MOD - No Transfer
Area: 13680 smq (114x120)
Land Impact: 1699 Prims

--- Easy Rez system
--- Dynamic Lights controller (you can turn on and turn off, change intensity and glow)
--- FURNITURES Included (copy)

In our Showroom you can find all buildings and accessories to build your land and your COMPLETE SIM!

OVER 100 Products for sale!

Landing Point, Clubs, Platforms, Shops, Megastores, Bridges, Street Lamps, Catwalks, DJ Booths, Furnitures, Minimal Structures and many other accessories.

for information please contact info@mydigitalcult.com or IM Colpo Wexler

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  • Easy Rez system
  • Dynamic Lights
  • Furnitures Included


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Digital Cult Lifestyle SHOWROOM
Digital Cult Lifestyle SHOWROOM
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Verkauft von: Colpo Wexler
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