[DDD] Lil' Rustic Houses (3 Pack)

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Lil' Rustic Houses are our first houses at Dysfunctional Designs! Coming in with 3 sizes, each are respectively 4, 6, and 9 prims - all linked together & including functional doors and correct physics (walls are solid! doorways are not!)

Also included is a full set of AO and UV maps for all of the houses & bonus pieces, allowing you to customise your home to your needs! Take it to the modern with metals and painted decor, red bricks, pink walls!



  • Low prim and low poly with high quality
  • 100% Mesh, Original design
  • Unique Design, Not Stolen, Hand-Made Mesh
  • Functional doors
  • physical walls

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Veröffentlicht 9.6.2014 von EdmundGrey 5 Sterne

Buying this pack, made me feel like I was robbing the creator. They are worth more than they are listed for. The prim count is super low, the textures and build are professional, and for the price listed.. it's a steal. If you're checking the reviews to decide whether to buy this or not, do it. Don't even hesitate. (It also comes with a pack of textures if you wish to edit them and change the roofs to snow)

So yeah, 11teen/10 from me.

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really lovely

Veröffentlicht 18.3.2014 von Speartha 5 Sterne

Really lovely houses, look wonderful in a medieval village and as ever with DDD wonderful for helping us save on those prims! Keep making wonderful low prim but beautiful things for us. Thank you.

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