[DDD] Multitheme Cuddle Rug - PG/Lite

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An adorable versatile low land impact rug!

Featuring a gorgeous array of rug patterns that will take you from medieval to modern chic, this 3 land impact rug can seat you & your two closest friends for lounging & cuddles of the PG nature!

• 3 Land Impact
• Copy & Mod
• All Original Mesh
• All Original Textures by alaskametro<3
• LOD & Materials Optimised
• Custom Low Lag Scripts

All animations are selectively picked to fit perfectly with this piece, no pre-built engines or the standard low quality stuff you've seen everywhere. Seats 3, solo poses can be mixed & matched with both sitters, and the cuddles poses are synchronized.

• 6 Female Solo Seating Anims
• 6 Male Solo Seating Anims
• 6 Secondary Unisex Seating Anims
• 11 Couples PG Cuddles, including: Lap Sits, Kisses, Spooning, & More
• 3 PG Cuddles for 3 Persons at once!

Our cuddles are perfect for chilling out, close and romantic time before, or TLC/aftercare. ♥

• 9 Preset Texture Choices
• Includes Customisation Pack for DIY Textures
• Normal & Specular Mapping
• Mix & Match the 9 blanket colorways with the pillow sets

Just about 3m in size in roundness, it's the perfect versatile accent for any home, club, or gathering spot. ♥

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  • Low land impact, cheap 100% original mesh couples cuddle fur bean bag
  • Includes texture change for medieval lannister red, arabic persian purple
  • Soft and girly floor rug, perfect for patios, dens, livingrooms, bedrooms
  • Lite version contains a smaller selection of animations and texture options
  • Customizable, custom scripted, low lag, bed alternative beanbag chair

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Love this!

Veröffentlicht 18.7.2019 von Bronwyn Ingrassia 5 Sterne

This rug is perfect for anywhere you want to put it- inside or out. Texturing is great, super low LI and as usual there are tons of options for texture and anims. A total steal.

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