[DDD] Nanshe's Spring

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A carefully hand-sculpted waterfall pond, this delicate piece includes the (optional) soft trickling sound of the water flowing over the rocks.

Featuring meticulously baked down materials and 7 texture choices for snowy, mossy, stylised, and more. The neutral very tintable friendly, too!

Section comes in at the low 3 prim each, are copy & mod, and the low lag script is controlled using the included HUD.

Each piece is approximately 4m in length, give or take and should be slightly sunken in the ground for maximum effect.

Materials enhanced, but optimised to look great on all graphic settings. LODs are optimised so they should be moderately visible at most distances, info in pics.

Physics are not a thing with this item to save on land impact. One basic animation included, no options, functional at original size only.

*See video clip for a quick coverage of the texture options, responsive HUD, and visuals.

a note for some: this item was specifically designed to use 1x 1024 texture for the rocks. to some the slightly lower resolution may not be what is desired, so please preview it inworld if that is you.

for the majority of people, this item passes perfectly well at a glance and will provide faster loading times and lower lag due to this choice. thank you <3

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  • Hand sculpted low poly baked mesh rocks all original
  • Materials enabled, LOD optimised to look great up to 180m on 2.0 settings
  • Hand made mesh, low poly, low prim, low land impact, cheap, all original
  • animated running water for waterfall and sound with sound control
  • high quality boulder water fall for gardens and forests

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Nice water feature

Veröffentlicht 11.10.2019 von William Carver 5 Sterne

Another fine product from Anke! This spring makes a nice addition to any landscape. Romantic nooks to open spaces this spring will enhance them all. I have truly enjoyed this spring. I have gotten several comments on it from visitors and citizens alike. Well done!

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Very pretty!! A nice touch to any garden.

Veröffentlicht 10.10.2019 von SigmaBlues 5 Sterne

I bought it after I saw the notification in the group about it. It matches so well with all my other DDD stones, like the hewn stepping stones (which add a nice little ring around this spring). Makes the garden a little more magical <3 thank you for this !!!! A great piece for my hideaway too :D

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[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
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