:DH: Haunted Bedroom v.2 (MESH) (PG) Version 2.0

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Full enchanted bedroom. 35 animations. No balls. AVSitter.
- Animated bed with nightstands: 2 stand, 10 animations for girls, 10 animations for boy and 4 poses for couples PG (8 animation). Props Rezzables. 10 LI
- Mr. Bones Mirror: 2 LI. 5 animations for one avatar that interacts with Mr. Bones. A long sequence.
- Pictures: 1 LI x 2.
- Ghost Chair: 4 Li. Animations for 1 or 2 avatars.



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Highly recommended

Veröffentlicht 23.11.2020 von VioletEcho 5 Sterne

Everything about this made me happy. I put the set in a haunted house and my friends loved exploring all the animations and ghostly effects. The animations are great and I will use this for a long time. It’s a really good price, too.

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Veröffentlicht 30.8.2019 von Cassie42 4 Sterne

I first purchased this October 2015 along with the other rooms for the Haunted Mansion. sadly I dont know what happened but I lost all of them and the Mansion. I purchased the Mansion again because it is so impressive, and I am now working hard so I can replace all the rooms. If you want something scary Sibila Lubitsch's items are the best you can buy.

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  • 4.86 Sterne Rezensionen (7)

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