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Fun In The Sun is large open plan urban style home, with a simple to use texture change menu so you can change the look and feel of your home in an instant. The Pool, contains animations, so you can, jump off the edge, dangle your feet in the pool or lay sunbathing on the deck. The cushions and the kitchen are also animated with various food preperation animations.

This home has a number of features, such as a sophisticated control system for windows, doors and security. You can access any part of your home from the controller and you can control different sections of your home. You can control who has access to the house and you can control which areas of the house you want them to have access to. Actual blind textures that change from open, to closed, to glass, closed option provides full privacy.

The interactive texture menu for the walls, floors and accent walls allows you to change the entire look of your home with a single easy to access menu. You can also remove the outside awning with a click.

The layout of this home is open, fresh and light, a glass encased stair way leading you to the bedroom, bathroom, walk in wardrope & private balcony. Contemporary lighting is strategically placed through out the home and can also be operated from a light switch.

Fun In The Sun
124 Prims
144 With Lighting
12 Prims (Fireplace & Cushions)
29 Kitchen
32x32 2048 Parcel or Larger

Items Included

Note these items rezz with the house, but are not linked to the house, so you can simply take them or delete them if you need to save on prims

NOTE:Other furnishing featured are sold seperatly at Designer Prims

Photo Credits: Chase01 Resident of Paparazzi Studios



  • Texture change menu for walls, floors, accent walls
  • Security system for locking and providing access to other AV's
  • Realistic Blind Textures
  • Animated Pool, Cushions and Kitchen
  • Simple and easy to rez Foo Faux system

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Veröffentlicht 26.2.2021 von FabulousVic 2 Sterne

I am very disappointed!
the interior of the house does not correspond at all to the photos shown in Markeplace. A shame!

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Veröffentlicht 9.12.2014 von Azalea Fall 4 Sterne

This is a nice house. Well made. I love the open plan on both up and downstairs. A bit primy so I didn't use it for long but it is also a good price so didn't feel like I wasted my lindens. Whenever I have some extra prims to use up in the summer I'm sure I'll bring it out and use it again. :-)

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