Designer Prims Little Getaway Boxed

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This is a super cute little vintage style studio, with sash windows and handmade shutters. It's basically a one room studio with an entrance hallway. There is a fireplace and built in shelving, low prims with an land impact of just 34. This home 100% mesh making it 100% original.

The security management system allows you to lock the doors and give access permissions to your friends or tenants.

-Security Management System
-Texture change menu for brick, floors and accents
-Built in shelving and accessories
-Fire place
-Origional window dressings which can be turned on or off

1024 parcel or larger
34 Prims
Mod and Copy
100% :Mesh



  • Texture Change Menu For Walls and Floors
  • Turn off shutters so they are not visable
  • Easy to rez with Foo Faux system
  • Low Prim Mesh
  • security management system

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It could be better

Veröffentlicht 15.12.2018 von Mayumi Rieko 2 Sterne

The design is great but there's a few things that could be improved upon with this place.
The picture frames... there are 9 pictures.. which is 9 land impact alone. If improved this could be lowered to approximately 2 LI.
The fireplace candles have permission issues (no mod), as well as improper placement of parts of the fireplace clipping into the wall.. I thought this was a rez issue so i derezzed the building and re-rezzed it but the issue remained. Not difficult to fix but still a bit irritating. The build quality of said fireplace was also questionable compared to the rest of the building.
When looked upon closely there seem to be a fair bit of things that could be better.
The pictures looked pretty good but without an inworld store I was unable to see what the building looked like before purchase, I simply got it based upon good praise in previous reviews.

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great little house

Veröffentlicht 27.6.2015 von Moonsoul Kiyori 5 Sterne

I was looking for a home to place by a beach and I bought this wonderful mesh house.
It has so many texture features! and I love how it is modifiable. Perfect for me
I am definitely buying from this creator again

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Designer Prims - Elle Crescendo
Designer Prims - Elle Crescendo
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