Designer Prims Urban Retro Prefab, House, Home, Loft

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This is a stunning single level designer home, is low in prims and high in details. Feature windows, animated swimming pool, generous outdoor area and a texture change menu for floors, walls, accent walls and shutters.

The garden and the lights will rezz with the house, but are not linked, so you can simply delete if you don't want to use them

Sit on the pool water and cycle through all the animations, sunbathing, floating, treading water.

This home has a sophisticated control system for windows, doors and security. Actual blind textures that change from open, to closed to glass, closed option provides full privacy . The doors are lockable and the security menu includes admin and access control, so you choose who you want to have control and access of the house. All of the above is operated from one simple to use menu. (full instructions and notes provided)

Simple and easy to set up and move into position with the Foo Faux Rezzer


*Animated Pool
*Animated Kitchen
*Animated Bathroom sink
*Texture change menu
*Baked shadow light
*Lighting (click to turn on/off)

Prims: 82 shell
Prims: 103 With Lighting and garden
20x40 footprint
4096 or large

Furniture sold seperatly inworld at Designer Prims Main Store



  • Texture Change Menu For Walls and Floors
  • Designer Window Textures, Glass, Blinds Open/Closed
  • Security locking, allow other acess, great for landlords
  • Easy Rez Foo Faux System


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Designer Prims - Elle Crescendo
Designer Prims - Elle Crescendo
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