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Phoenix is our third generation "super-long" ponytail, and made it's début in July 2012 at Hair Fair. The loose braid in the back drops to hip height, before being lifted up over the shoulder and draped to the knee down the front, giving an overall length of close to 4m on a 1.7m avatar.

The style is rigged mesh and will scale a little to fit your avatar's head, but in the main, the style is not repositionable or rescalable.

The pack includes optional tattoo layer hairbases (in relevant matching colors) that can be used to fill in the base of the neck for added realism. The style itself comes in one size, but one size will fit most, if the majority of your head settings sliders that affect overall shape are close to 50.

Demos feature a watermark while final versions do not. All colors are available inworld at the main store, while only a limited range of colors (the most popular) are available on Marketplace



  • Long mesh braid
  • 4m long braided ponytail, draped over the shoulder
  • Optional tattoo hairbase
  • 6 colors in each pack

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Could be better.
full star full star empty star empty star empty star Veröffentlicht 14.12.2013 von RavenRayneWinter

I got the demo before getting the full version (which I did not buy) because I wanted to see it first. I am glad I did, because it is not that great. It is cute but it does not look well laying over the shoulder and big gaps in the braid. It just looked really sloppy which I did not like and the stiff point at the end of the braid was not to nice looking. Did not look like it laid naturally. But I give it two stars because it wasn't completely terrible. If it was fixed up I would definitely buy the full version.

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