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Dont you just love to display your captives?
And keep them helpless?
And be able to add restraints as if you were dressing a doll?

Then this display stand is for you!

This is a RLV enabled device, created to capture and trap 1 victim.
In order to work fully, the victim must be using a RLV enabled Viewer and wearing a compliant Relay.
Stand is compatible with gear that uses Lockgard leash particle system such as Real Restraint gear.
This stand features special camera restrictions, that when enabled forces victims viewer to look at the same direction of the stand.
The size of the stand and avatar position will need to be manually adjusted, because there is no sure way of calculating the correct pose position (varies with avatar shape).
The victim can resize the stand and adjust avatar position as long as it is unlocked.
When a user sits, restrictions will apply. Victims can still stand up using the menu IF able to touch it.
Locking the stand, prevents victim from standing up, effectively trapping it.
Using the trap option, triggers the capture and restrictions, locking the stand automatically.
Running a timer to the end, releases the victim.
Operators and Access modes can be set and adjusted.
Textures, colors, animations and particle leash settings can be changed via menu.
RLV restrictions are customizable and fitting for an isolation device.
Owner can always access and release captives, unless....the owner is the captive.

Permissions: Mod/Copy/No Trans

Demos available here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons%20Carina/238/65/1999

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  • RLV Enabled. Restrictions can be turned on/off.
  • Texture, color, light options.
  • Captive capture and display stand.
  • Animations work well with other restraints.
  • Options to check for updates and redelivery.

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Very nice

Veröffentlicht 31.5.2020 von Tsuki Saphed 4 Sterne

A very nice display stand indeed. normally most of these types of devices have issues with adjusting them to fit any avatar. menu based resize included does a very nice job in deed and is a breeze to use.

about the only Con I can attribute to this display stand is that the chain points don't seem to work with arm and leg restraints from the RR brand.

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